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Firstly, welcome to spooky kitchens, a newsletter about the latest and strangest in ghost kitchen news, weekly.

What’s spooky kitchens? spooky kitchens is a weekly newsletter that covers the latest headlines and trends in ghost kitchen and food tech news in one breezy, informative digest. There’s a lot happening in this space; I’ll read everything and boil it down into what’s happening and why it matters, so you don’t have to. And you’ll even like reading it. Wow!

Who’s spooky kitchens? I’m Mitch — an early employee and marketing director at US ghost kitchen pioneer Kitchen United, now freelance writer-at-large.

When’s spooky kitchens? Every weekend — we shoot for Fridays. Sometimes we miss.

Have any more questions? Glad you’re interested! Feel free to shoot me a note at boo@spookykitchens.com.

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